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Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil, on the South Atlantic coast. Despite being the most well-known Brazilian city, it is not the country’s capital.

Even if the city is often associated with Carnival and bikini bodies, it has plenty more things to offer besides that including some of the world’s most stunning beaches and landscapes, nightlife and plenty of other activities.

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The city deserves definitively travel and here you have the 7 main reasons for you to visit Rio De Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro top 7 things to do

1) Enjoy the rhythm of authentic samba throughout all the city.
2) Visit stunning coastlines and tropical beaches.
3) Get to know Favelas safely and experience their thrilling night-life.
4) Assist to plenty of incredible views from the mountains that surround the city.
5) Eat delicious typical food, including recipes barely known outside of Brazil.
6) Explore nature and find one of the large waterfalls ideals for swimming.
7) Get to see one of the most famous and gigantic statues in the world: Christ the Redeemer with its 125 feet height on top of a 2,300 feet mountain.

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