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Talking about Tokyo we probably all have the same conception of the city: flashing neon lights, super-advanced technology, anime and enough people to make up a state by itself (13 million), being one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

But Japan’s capital got way more to offer than flashy lights.
Even if it’s true that the inner city is made up of pure chaos, it is possible to make a short journey to the top of a mountain with nothing other than peace and tranquillity around.

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As you understand whether you like the chaos or you are more of a calm person Tokyo has lots of things to offer you so it definitively worth travel.

Furthermore to convince you we summed up some of the main reasons you want to come to Tokyo at least once in your life:

The manners – Tokio’s people are incredibly kind to tourists and even if they just met you, they’ll do everything they can to ensure you the best experience possible in their city.

The fashion – you can see dozens of cosplays in the streets even when there isn’t any particular even going on but not only that, in fact, by spending a day in the Ginza district you’ll also get to see the “upscale” Tokyo clothing.

The cuisine – the food here is rich and fresh. You’ll get to eat some of the most delicious foods that you’ll not find in any other part of the world!

Many other things to do – With beautiful landscapes, temples, amazing gardens, stunning futuristic gadgets and thrilling nightlife Tokyo still has a lot more to offer and to discover along the way!

Final tip – Try to visit the city during one of its several festivals to get to see the most beautiful firework show in the world!

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