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Villages in Beautiful Mountains

When deciding what village to feature in this article, we have been really in trouble. The fact is that there are too many beautiful and amazing villages to choose only one among all of them. That’s why we’ll feature 3 different places, from 3 different part of the world in this article, all of which is definitively worth a visit.

1) Wengen, Switzerland
Wengen was an alpine farming community but has become a touristic town teeming with visitors eager to ski the snow-covered slopes in the Winter and hike trails in the Summer. Despite the influx of tourists, the mountain village has retained it’s homestyle.

2) Larung Gar, Tibet
At the end of the vast Tibetan Plateau is the monastery town Larung Gar, the largest Tibetan Buddhist institute of the world. This historical and religious site’s buildings currently face a threat of demolition, and unless the international community acts quickly this beautiful Tibetan village will soon be no more, so get the chance to visit it now.

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3) Palangan, Iran
Palangan is a little-known rural Iranian village with an estimated population of 1000 inhabitants. Tucked in the valley with the Tangi Var River flowing through it, houses are etched out on the sloping valley sides in a terraced manner. Locals express their cultural heritage through dancing and singing, and commonly enjoy country life by picnicking on the river’s banks and taking shade under the trees.

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