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Exotic Cua Van in Vietnam

Charming and enchanting, Ha Long Bay and its 4 villages are famous for their natural beauty. People are willing to travel from faraway places to Vietnam to visit them.

Among all of these fishing villages, the most beautiful and famous one is “Cua Van” situated on an emerald green bay surrounded by mountains and home to exotic marine life, caves perfect for adventurers and whoever is willing to explore. Here you will be able to enjoy the authentic and calm lifestyle of native people, most of which live in floating houses.

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By looking at the small boats driven by kids going to school, at their radiant faces and at their rambunctious calling, you will really become a different person and learn a new way of seeing things.

In recent years, the locals at Cua Van village have been more engaged in the tourism industry in Ha Long Bay, making us hopeful for the future of the village and for its people.

Beside from fishing, many families also offer homestay and participate in the environmental awareness campaign. It’s no wonder why Cua Van has become a tourist attraction and has been present in the itinerary of almost all tourist agencies.

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