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The capital of Ontario, Toronto, is the biggest and most populated city in Canada but it’s also one of the world’s most culturally diverse in the world and these are probably the reasons why the city ranks as one of the greatest cities in the world both to live in and visit.

It’s main tourist attractions include iconic landscapes and tons of different activities to keep you busy. Additionally, the Toronto Islands are a popular destination being full of beautiful beaches.

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The city deserves definitively a shot, but if we didn’t convince you yet here you have 3 further reasons to visit Toronto.

CN Tower – If you go up the CN Tower you will get to see not only the best view of the city but arguably one of the best urban landscapes in the world.

Toronto tour – You can enjoy a tour of the Royal Ontario Museum and visit the unique Bata Shoe Museum with over 13,500 footwear items in their collection.

Toronto Zoo – Get to view the newest arrivals of the zoo including the Great Chinese Pandas and other 5000 animals among the world’s most rare ones.

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