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The ultimate Italian summer vacation: roaming around the Italian coastline on a Vespa, learning how to make pasta properly, swimming in the light blue water of the Mediterranean sea, or drinking an “Apérol” at sunset.

That would definitively be a great journey, but there’s a problem: you’re not the only one who has the idea to travel to Italy and that’s why most cities are always crowded with other tourists.

Fortunately, we have a solution: Italians take vacations too, most of the times they stay inside they’re own country and they know just where to go to escape the crowds. If you want to enjoy a real Italian vacation we highly encourage travellers like you to explore some of the country’s lesser-known destinations; here’s an example :

Ischia is an island and you can get to it from Naples, there you will find a landscape as beautiful as the one on the Capri island, with the difference that you will encounter way fewer tourists.
It is a perfect alternative for travellers who want the idyllic beach but also an authentic experience. You also need to not miss the natural spas spread on the island.

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