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Best Dishes of Russia

Bread, potatoes and cabbage: the base of Russian household’s cookery. But even if they may not be big experimenters, you will never be able to imagine how delicious are some of their dishes… unless you try them.

Here’s a simple list that will enable you to start entering the wonderful world of the Russian cookery.

Pelmeni – like Italian tortellini, but bigger and filled with stuffed meat. If you are vegetarian, you might prefer vareniki : a similar dish, filled with potatoes, apple puree or sweet cottage cheese; find the best one in Moscow.

Beef stroganoff — It is made with strips of beef and a thick, creamy sauce. This dish is so delicious that it traveled and reached faraway places like Japan and Iran.

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Plov — We could sum up this dish with “seasoned rice with meat” but that isn’t fair because that dish is more, a lot more. A way to better describe this Uzbek specialty may “be the best thing that ever happened to rice”.

If you want to go deeply into this, definitively try : blini, pirogi, golubtsy, salad olivier, solyanka, borsh and kvass.

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